Visiting White Feather Farm, Raglan, Ontario

By Piyushi Dhir

Sometime soon after I moved to Durham, a friend took me to White Feather Farm on Raglan Road in Oshawa. It was love at first sight!

It is not so much a farm, as a farm store, but the things I get in that store are so useful, that I find myself making multiple trips there throughout the year.

White Feather Farm at Raglan, Ontario features in my article on the Top Five Farms to Visit with Family in Durham. If you would like to know more about this great place, read on.

Where is White Feather Farm?

Located on 15 Raglan Rd E in Oshawa on the intersection of Simcoe and Raglan, White Feather Farm is easily visible on account of the large hen-shaped truck parked in its fields. It is their most distinctive feature, which my son never fails to delightfully spot as we drive up.

It takes under 30 minutes to reach from most parts of Oshawa, Courtice and Whitby. The drive up north is beautiful, and I especially enjoy driving through the quaint towns of Columbus and Raglan.

White Feather Farm, Ontario

Best Time to Go

While many farms in the area close for the winter, White Feather is open all year around. Each season has its unique attractions and if you are anything like me, you will try to go at least once every season to experience the various facets White Feather has to offer. The farm is open throughout the week between 8.30am and 6pm, except Sundays, when it closes at 5.30pm.

What to Buy

I don’t even know where to begin! Okay, let’s start with their bakery. White Feather’s fresh baked breads are some of the best I have tried- veggie bread and cheese bread being my special favourites. Also pick up some warm apple fritters and brownies while you are there.

Next, in the frozen meat section, you will find everything from regular to marinated meats, burger patties, meat pies and a range of other dishes that you can just throw into the oven for a ready meal. Move on to their frozen veges. I love the bean medley, frozen turnip and squashes and frozen mushrooms. Their mixed berry packet is perfect to have at hand for desserts and smoothies.

You will also find a range of salad dressings, sauces, gravy packets and other necessities to help you prepare a good meal. If you are not in the mood to cook, get their frozen lasagna and throw it into the oven. For dessert, White Feather Farm’s frozen croissants, cookies and apple turnovers will cook themselves while you eat dinner.

White Feather Farm, Raglan Ontario

What to Do at White Feather Farm

White Feather Farm’s best part actually lies hidden within. So before you fill your basket full of fresh produce, frozen foods and baked goodies, you may want to head back into the gift shop to browse first. I have found everything ranging from handy gadgets for the kitchen to pet toys, Christmas gifts, puzzle books for my kid, jewelry for myself and table mats for my home. If I am at a loss to get a good gift for someone’s birthday, White Feather Farm’s gift shop has always come to the rescue.

After you check out your purchases, you can head to the cafeteria for a bite. Before COVID, White Feather Farm offered tables within the cafeteria where you would be served a hot and fresh meal. During COVID restrictions, you can carry your food out to their picnic tables or to your car. White Feather Farm’s quiches, sweet potato fries, egg salad sandwiches and coffee are some of my favourite picks at the cafeteria.

With a car and belly full of good food, I finally indulge my kid at White Feather Farm’s very own playground. Apart from the regular swings and slides, they have a couple of ancient tractors parked to one side. My son loves climbing onto these and pretending to drive them.

White Feather Farm in the Winter

White Feather Farm is open round the year and is one of my favourite places to go to in the winter. Surrounded by pristine white snow as far as the eyes can see, it is located in a beautiful spot. A hot cup of coffee or a warm mug of apple cider await us within. The frozen fruits and vegetables are a particular favourite in the winter when it is difficult to come by fresh fruits and veges.

White Feather Farm in the Winter

What Not to Expect

If you are looking for a farm experience including interacting with farm animals and equipment, you may be disappointed. What you get at White Feather Farm is essentially a farm store.

What to Expect

There is something for everyone at White Feather. My son loves the tractors, playground and apple fritters. I love the gift shop, the little odds and ends I can discover within and the bakery. My husband loves the variety of meats- both freshly cooked and frozen. My mother loves the jewelry and household items. My father enjoys the man-cave artefacts and the handy tools. My pet loves the pet-toys and treats!

In a Nutshell

If you have not yet been to White Feather Farm, make sure to visit. If you did go there and loved it, you may also like:

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