Visiting Willowtree Farm, Port Perry, Ontario

By Piyushi Dhir

Social media can be a great way to discover places around you. Just the way I first saw Beaverton’s glorious Sunflower Farm on a friend’s Instagram feed, I got to know about the existence of Willowtree from a colleague’s Facebook post.

I decided to go and have a look for myself and I fell in love with the farm!

Willowtree Farm at Port Perry, Ontario features in my article on the Top Five Farms to Visit with Family in Durham. If you would like to know more about this great place, read on.

Where is Willowtree Farm?

Located at 975 Durham Regional Rd 21, Port Perry, just off Hwy 7, the Willowtree Farm is a perfect stop on your way to Beaverton or while heading for a Fall Season Drive to the north of Toronto. Of course, if you live in Durham, the farm will not be more than a 30-minute drive from most directions and can be visited over a weekend.

Apart from Willowtree Farm’s beautiful location, I absolutely loved the drive up Hwy 7. Whether the surroundings are speckled with white snow in the winter or dotted with fall’s vibrant colours, it makes for a lovely drive.

Willowtree Farm

Best Time to Go

While many farms in the area close for the winter, Willowtree is open all year round. Each season has its unique attractions and if you are anything like me, you will try to go at least once every season to experience the various facets Willowtree has to offer. The farm is open throughout the week between 9am and 6pm.

What to Buy

Willowtree’s colourful indoor bazaar boasts a wide variety of products. If you are looking for fresh produce, you will find local fruits and vegetables, bakery items, meat and flowers. They also have a section on frozen dinners. Just take it home, warm it up and enjoy a homecooked meal.

You will find a collection of preserves, ranging from peppers and jalapenos to chutneys and jams. We loved the Spicy Peach chutney and the Apple and Pear chutney- eaten with crackers, they are heavenly!

Willowtree Farm also has some lovely gift baskets as well as chocolates, toiletries and children’s wooden toys, all of which make for lovely gift ideas. If you are unsure what to gift, you cannot go wrong with a Willowtree Farm gift card. Anyone would love to come and treat themselves to the lovely collection here.

What to Do at Willowtree Farm

If you arrive at the farm ready for a bite, start with their indoor cafeteria. Order one of their freshly cooked meals or snacks- we tried the Vegetarian Caprese with tomatoes and cheese, as well as the Chicken Wrap and both were warm and fresh. They take 10-15 minutes to prepare the order, so while they do that, you have the perfect opportunity to drift through The Farm Store.

Fill your basket with fresh produce, preserves, meats, frozen soups and chocolates. Once your meal is ready, you can check out and head outdoors. Owing to COVID, we ate in the car, and then headed out for a walk around the farm.

Willowtree Farm has a couple of farm animals you can see and interact with. Our four-year-old enjoyed meeting with the goats and their two very big pigs. The chickens and a few other animals were indoors due to the cold season, but can be met with in the warmer months.

We rounded off our visit with a coffee and some yummy desserts from the store. These were both very well priced.

At Willowtree Farm

Willowtree Farm in the Winter

Willowtree Farm has an excellent attraction in the winter- their skating rink! Typically open over the weekends, they can be booked a couple of weeks in advance. So if you want to enjoy a skate during your visit to the farm, make sure to book in advance and carry your skating gear on the day of.

What Not to Expect

The farm does not have seating space for its cafeteria. If you are planning to catch a meal there, be prepared to takeaway.

What to Expect

If you are heading to Willowtree, you can expect a day well spent with your family, a full stomach and a basket replete with fresh produce. They also have a public washroom as well as plenty of free parking.

In a Nutshell

If you have not yet been to Willowtree Farm, make sure to visit. And if you did go there and loved it, you may also like:

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 What are your favourite farms in Durham?

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