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Silent Promises 3D Cover

Silent Promises

Silent Promises is a collection of three heart-warming stories. The Salute: Join Gini in her turbulent journey from innocence to loss to a newfound strength. Three Hours: Is Armaan ready to hand over his life to someone he’s known for just three hours? The Gift: In a remote village in Africa, Obu turns twelve and receives an unexpected gift.

In Search of Love New Cover 3D

In Search of Love

Ayesha and Parth share a magical attraction towards each other. But they are destined for different people - Ayesha’s marriage is being arranged while Parth is engaged to his childhood sweetheart. They part ways with memories that will return to haunt them and questions that will remain unanswered, until another tryst, seven years later.

Nineteen Tales of COVID-19

Nineteen Tales of COVID-19

The spring of 2020 saw the COVID-19 pandemic sweep across the world. Within a span of a few months, no corner of the world remained untouched from this global pandemic. This compilation of 19 tales from across the world captures different shades of life in one of the most turbulent years in most people's living memories.

Piyushi DhirA Glimpse at Who I Am!

Daughter of a Fighter Pilot: I grew up watching my Dad zoom off on fighter planes for the Indian Air Force. My little brother and I used to actually wave up at every passing aircraft, just in case Papa was watching!

I have always been hooked to books. I would devour them greedily until my Mom had to literally snatch me away from them so that I would eat, bathe, study! I guess, all those stories I fed into my brain eventually turned me into a story-teller.

Business Woman:
 In the day I am a business-woman, partnering with my husband to earn our living. I went to Business School and was a Human Resources Manager at an international bank in another lifetime!

Expatriate in Africa: My life took quite an adventurous turn when I quit my high-profile corporate job in Delhi and followed my hubby into the dense rainforests of Africa. Heard of Ivory Coast? That was home for over three years!

Mother of a Baby Blogger: Apart fYup, it's not just me who writes! I was blessed with a baby boy last year, who keeps himself busy writing his baby diaries on my website. He also manages his own YouTube channel and has been featured in BabySpot.ca!

Nomad at Heart:
I was born with wings! As a kid, I spanned the breadth of India, moving where and when my Dad was transferred. By the time I grew up, I had turned into an eternal gypsy. 4 continents, 12 countries, over 50 cities… and still counting.

Writer: While donning all these roles, I am also a writer. I am the published author of three works, all available on Amazon. I blog about my life as an expat, my travels, motherhood and anything under the sun that takes my fancy. I also take up freelance assignments that excite me. 

When I’m not writing, reading or traveling, I bargain with the vegetable seller in French (I live in a Francophone country!), ensure we’re not running out of groceries at home, play my role as a social butterfly in the expatriate community here and try to grow coriander, green chillies and spinach in my backyard.

But most of all, I love penning down my experiences. If you’d like to read more, head to my blog !

And do join me on Facebook (@piyushidhirauthor) and Instagram (@piyushidhir_author). See you around!

In Search of Love... a sweet love story!

In Search of Love Paperback

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