My Friend’s Birthday during Corona- Diary of a Three Year Old

By Piyushi Dhir

Everything is different these days, isn’t it?

Even birthdays are. It was my friend’s birthday last week and at first I didn’t know what to do. But with some new ideas, I celebrated it in a most unusual way.

Mom suggested a day before that I make her a birthday card. We did that with whatever we had at home. Some coloured paper, many stickers, a sketch pen and some creativity did the trick. Now that I can write, Mom spelt the words and I even managed to write on the card on my own.

A Birthday Card for my Friend

“Will we leave it on her porch, Mom?” I asked.

“Good idea!” said Mom.

On the morning of her birthday, we had a video call with my friend. We sang for her, wished her and chatted together for a while.

Later in the day, we put together a big birthday bag for the birthday girl. We had ordered chocolates and chips in our grocery pick-up. Those went in. So did the self-made birthday cards. And Mom had knit a scarf at home. It was perfect. I enjoyed dropping it all in.

We then dressed up and went to her home. Getting into the car and my car seat after so many days felt so different and yet, so familiar. When we reached, we left the gift bag on her doorstep, and walked six feet back to the grass. Then Mom called her on the phone and she came out!

Celebrating my Friend's Birthday During Corona

It was fun watching my friend open her gifts. She was so excited. It was good to see her after so much time. We shouted happy birthday from far. She even gave me a return gift! A blue birthday balloon!

Rain drops started falling and we ran into the car soon after. We waved and left. The rest of the day I had fun playing with my new balloon.

Different from the usual birthday parties I have attended, but in the times of Corona, you have to get innovative! Read more about my life during Corona


About the Author

Piyushi Dhir is the author of 'In Search of Love', 'I'm Yours, The Next Time', 'Silent Promises' and 'Enmeshed Evermore'. She is a contributor in 'Nineteen Tales of COVID-19', a collection of short stories. A voracious reader, a keen traveler, a businesswoman and a mom, Piyushi currently resides in Canada. A nomad at heart, she loves to discover new places and capture the hues of life with her pen.