I’m Back! And I’m Traveling Again! (Diary of a One Year Old)

By Piyushi Dhir

Part of the 'Baby Diaries' series

Hey! Hey! Hey! So, I’m back and I’m excited! Mum kept me out of business for a few weeks there because she wanted to do this series on her travels to Sikkim in India. Somewhere, I too got busy with exploring the world. In fact, ever since I’ve got onto my two feet and started scurrying around, I can barely get enough of discovering the world. There’s just so much to do and see.

I’ve recently even cut down all those baby naps I used to take in the day. Now I take a single siesta during the day, and spend the rest of my time constructively playing, learning new words, babbling, fitting blocks into each other, fitting lids onto boxes, meeting friends, going for a ride on my newly acquired kid scooter, throwing a ball around the house, flipping pages through my colourful books and colouring the floors with my wax crayons.

Riding on my Newly Acquired Scooter

Anyway, so I managed to get some air time on Mum’s blog again because I wanted to tell you guys that I’m off on another adventure. After Ivory Coast, Dubai and Paris, I am going home to India again! And this time I’m going for my Bua’s wedding. Yes, Papa’s sister is getting married. With the glimpse of Indian weddings I got on my last visit to India, I can barely contain all the excitement I’m feeling about having one of those gala events happening in our very own home!

I’m already rubbing my hands together in anticipation of all those yummy foods, the dhinchak Indian music, the shopping expeditions and of course, of spending a lot of time together with my grandparents and great grandparents. Not to mention, attending Mum’s book launch where I get to be the celebrity’s cute son!

The preparations of our departure have been going on for a while already. A number of suitcases have been lying open around the house. Mum keeps adding stuff in one or the other. To have fun, I too keep grabbing things from one suitcase and going, putting it in another. Don’t know why Mum gets exasperated with that. After all, all of it is going to India, right? How does it matter what’s in which suitcase! Haha!

With one of my favourite friends

With one of my favourite friends

Oh and I have to tell you this. For the first time ever, after all these many flights I’ve taken till date, I’m travelling Business this time. Every time we took flights earlier and walked past those grand, comfy seats of Business class, I always used to wonder why they weren’t for us. Now, I’m going to have a load of fun bouncing around on those large seats. I hear they give you tonnes to eat and take great care of you. I’m going to have a ball lounging around, getting pampered by the air hostesses. And by Vanya di. She’s this adorable 9 year old friend of mine, who loves to keep me on her lap and who’s travelling with us to India this time.

Read all about my trip to India in my next few blogs, starting from my journey to Delhi via Addis Ababa as a tiny business class passenger

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