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What the Women of Africa Have Taught Me

By Piyushi Dhir

African Women

Africa- a journey of constant new discoveries and rich new experiences. From the very beginning since I arrived in Ivory Coast, I was drawn to the women here. Perhaps, because I could relate to them when everything else was foreign or may be, because they were such a contrast to the stereotypes of women I […]

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On Tenterhooks as Ivory Coast Goes for Elections

By Piyushi Dhir

Ivory Coast Elections

Ringside View of Elections in AfricaA Political History Bathed in Blood Five years ago, Cote D’Ivoire conducted a long over-due round of presidential elections. Gbagbo, who was then ruling the country, had conceded to elections after ten long years, but refused to accept the victory of the new candidate, Alassane Outtara. What followed was a […]

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