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PIyushi Dhir is the author of the romantic novels, 'In Search of Love' (2014), 'I'm Yours, The Next Time' (2015) and 'Enmeshed Evermore' (2015). A voracious reader, a keen traveler and an ardent dog-lover, Piyushi currently resides in Ivory Coast, Africa. A nomad at heart, she loves to discover new places and capture the hues of life with her pen.


I Took the Road Less Traveled By

By Piyushi Dhir

A Road Less Traveled

Every now and then, we are all faced with a fork in the road of our lives. Sometimes the choice is difficult, sometimes it does not call for much thought. At times, we do what others would do. But occasionally, we pause, take a deep breath and make an unconventional choice. I completed my MBA […]

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Six Reasons to Buy an E-book, not a Print Book

By Piyushi Dhir

Six Reasons to Buy an Ebook Logo

Flipkart brought a revolution in India by introducing the fad of shopping online for books. Suddenly books of all genres were accessible, easy to order and reached one’s doorstep with a single click. Eventually, a number of other players entered the market in this country, offering books at competitive prices. Landmark, Amazon, BookAdda and many […]

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